Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why should I register?

One of the most important features on the site is that you can create your own championships. You can invite your friends and have them play in your own championships and run the competition by simply adding the score from the actual offline game, and we deal with the rest. Our system automatically positions you on the championship and prepares your future games. You can also upload your preferred team's pictures in order to customize your players.

Q. How can I participate in other championships?

Everyone who purchased the game are allowed to create public championships, which everyone can attend. Some championships are "just-for-fun", but in the future some will bear XP points for participants.

Q. What are the XP points good for?

Once there are enough players, regional championships will take place. These championships will be invite-only and only players with a certain number of XP points will be invited. The more you play, the higher the chances you'll be invited to a regional championship.

Q. I'd like to play the Brazilian version, but it's very easy to score with the actual goalkeepers. Are there any solutions to this?

The base game includes only the spherical goalkeeper in order to aid newcomers, but you can separetely buy a Brazilian goalkeeper from the products section of the site.