History of the game

Some of our most cherished stories start with the phrase “Once upon a time “ and come to a more or less abrupt conclusion. This is not the case with our story. It refuses to end because it is a story about football, passion, tradition and human nature in general. It connects continents and is a tale more than a 100 years in the making…

Somewhere in a far off land, our ancestors invented a way to reduce the craving for playing football during the cold winter months. It was the year 1900. The game was coined “Gombfoci”, a rather self-explanatory term, which describes a game played with buttons from coats upon a kitchen table. It spread like wildfire and soon came to be well known in such far off lands as Spain, USA or Brazil. These people changed the rules and by this created a new game called “12 Touches”, which later became an even greater success than its predecessor. (Geraldo Cardoso Décourt’s, in 1928).

Old buttons
Old buttons

Detailed history on wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Button_football

The path from amateur to professional game playing and sportsmanship took some time, until the early championships were established in the Americas (in 1950’s Brazil), as well as in Europe, where the first European championship took place in 1958, in Hungary. The Brazilian Football Table Game laid the foundation, and was on a collision course with its sibling, Sector Ball, the original Hungarian version. Both of them had Federations, shared almost identical game pieces, but were strikingly different when it came to their rules.

Old net

Have you ever met someone who has been playing this game for more than 50 years? We did! Don’t be mistaken! We aren’t talking here about a game which is purely for the older generation. It is a game cherished by a universal age category, starting from the young to the old. There are thousands and thousands of registered players and the numbers are going to go through the roof after we will succeed in making this project happen. This is a project that will be remembered for quite some time to come, by players who will have been charmed by it… And the best thing is that you can play an active part in writing this game's history.